Dracula’s Creepy Coffins

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Dracula’s Creepy Coffins – Ian Adair  EXCLUSIVE

“Do any of you go on school trips?” you ask the children. “A long time ago, I went on one to a really spooky castle. You’ll never guess who they said lived there!”
Here’s a great trick all about Dracula, who spends his time hiding in the most peculiar places – coffins! No matter how hard the children try, they can never find the wily Count, who always stays one step ahead of them.
At the end, as you’re talking to the children, the lid on the last coffin starts to lift and the children get a glimpse of Dracula inside! Do you see it? Of course you don’t!

Terrific fun, and, best of all, for the many of you who have Monkey Nuts – there’s nothing to learn! A perfect trick for the increasingly popular Halloween season, but, with the story outlined above, you can use this all year round.
Cards are approx. 9” x 7”.

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