Reindeer Games

Tommy James

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Reindeer Games - Tommy James

A brand new TEN MINUTE routine for your Christmas show that packs flat, plays big and will have the kids on the edge of their seats!

This routine has it all! It begins with Rudolph with a big blue nose."It got SO cold in the North Pole boys and girls that Rudolph's nose turned blue!"
With hilarious patter, Mrs. Claus takes Santa's hat and covers Rudolph's nose to try and warm it up. But the next morning, upon removing the hat it is discovered that Rudolph's nose got even colder and it turned purple! Oh no! The act of covering his nose is repeated four times in the routine, each time with the patter getting funnier and more suspenseful. 
Eventually, his nose turns red again, and you begin to have all the kids sing 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer', but stop when you get to the line 'They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games.' And, the fun continues! Rudolph takes offence to being left out of reindeer games. You introduce two of Rudolph's friends Dasher and Dancer and play a game of hide and seek!
Try as they may, the children can never find Rudolph. Then he disappears altogether! 
The routine ends with all the children shouting "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" In an instant, Rudolph magically appears back in his stable, looking out his window. Very visual magic!
Is this REALLY a ten minute routine? Yes! 
The stable is made of very durable PVC with digitally printed graphics. The stable has it's own easel attached to the rear side and will last a lifetime with good care. 
The cards are printed on triple layer trifecta stock. The colour changing Rudolph card is cleverly gimmicked and very easy to operate. 
The cards measure 8" X 10" with the stable measuring approximately 9" X 12". Extremely easy set up that takes ten seconds which is so important for children entertainers traveling show to show during the Christmas season. 
Everything included: Stable, all necessary cards, little tiny Santa hat and COMPLETE word for word patter which you can change to fit your style if you feel a need.

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