Sam the Skull

Wood Wizard


Sam the Skull – Michael Diamond

Perfect for Pirate Parties! Handy for Halloween! (Though, frankly, you can easily use this all year round.)

Hiding under a cloth is the scary, the fearsome…Sam the Skull! (Michael actually called him Billy Bonehead which some might prefer.)  Sam always had a favourite magic trick. It used two bright green balls. What a pity we haven’t got any. What? Sam’s eyes? Are you seriously telling me you want me to pop out Sam’s eyes? Uuuurrrrgh!

So, of course, you do! You then proceed to perform a simple, but highly effective sponge ball routine, using Sam’s eyes. If only Sam could see it, his eyes would pop out! Oh, they did!

Terrific finish: after the balls have finally disappeared, they re-appear in Sam’s head back where they started.

Really visual, pack flat props – the base unscrews for simple packing. Assembled height is 16” x 10” wide (41cm x 25cm). Only simple sleights are used, yet this is a terrifically effective routine. 

Comes complete with Sam the Skull, Sponge Balls, Cloth and even a squeaker!!
Sponge balls may vary in colour from those shown.

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