Santa Blendo

David Ginn


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Santa Blendo - David Ginn

Here is the most beautiful SANTA CLAUS silk ever produced for
MAGICIANS and CLOWNS to use in their Christmas shows!
Four silks—red, white, green & black—crushed together, pop open to
reveal an eye-appealing 36-inch Santa Claus on a green background!

It comes complete with 36-inch Santa silk, four 12-inch silks in red,
white, green, & black plus Blendo instructions with folding details.
You may also have children place the four small silks into a Change
or other switching device, then produce the Santa silk in their
place, for a really magical transformation.

We have upgraded the silks in this effect to 12" rather than the 9" silks normally supplied by other dealers as we felt they were too small.

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