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Santa Down the Chimney – Len Belcher UK EXCLUSIVE

Fabulous seasonal entertainment, thanks to the fertile mind of Len Belcher. He took the old blocks in a tube trick and turned it into first-rate Christmas entertainment.
This is the story of Santa Claus going down a chimney  - and ending up in a mess, because the parts of his body are all in the wrong order. So…you try again – and again he ends up in a mess! Then his head vanishes! Where on earth can it be? Why – back in the chimney and ALL IN THE RIGHT ORDER!
But there’s another surprise: turn around the picture of Father Christmas and there is a beautiful, decorated Christmas Tree!
One of the problems with most versions of this trick is that there is no logical reason for the 3 blocks representing Santa’s body to be dropped down the chimney. Well, now there is! Just watch the video!
Chimney is approx. 17” (43cm) high. Manufactured in tough Foamex. Comes complete with chimney, blocks and cloth and full routine.

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