The Elves Who Stole Christmas

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The Elves Who Stole Christmas - based on an idea by Roger Dolan PRACTICAL MAGIC EXCLUSIVE

The performer says that the elves who work for Santa have decided to play a trick on him: because they feel that they have been working too hard, wrapping up presents, they are going to hide all the presents! That’s dreadful news, boys and girls! If we can’t find the presents, there won’t be any for us to open on Christmas Day. Will you all help to find the presents?

There’s a picture of a Christmas tree, but no presents under it. Perhaps the presents are on the other side? No, just a picture of some snow. We’ll put that card aside. What have we got here? An elf – and another! But no presents. Just another elf and one more. Ah! Here are the presents.

Shall I show you how the elves hide them? They turn them over like this. Now, you have to keep your eye on the presents, but the elves are going to make it difficult for you. Look, some of them have turned around as well. Where are the presents? This one? No, that’s an elf. So is this one. Three cards left. That’s another elf, and so is that one. So we only have one card left. This must be the presents. Oh no! It’s another elf. Where can the presents be?

We put a card aside at the beginning, didn’t we? But that had snow on the back. Shall we check again? Well I never! That’s where the presents are, and look who is behind them! Santa Claus himself. The elves tried to play a trick on him, but Santa tricked them instead. Let’s give him a big clap, and give yourselves a big clap as well, because now there will be presents for everyone on Christmas Day!

***We've pulled out all the stops on this one! The cards are large (approx. 7½" x 9" or 19 x 23½ cms) and are digitally printed in full colour on plastic, so the cards are long-lasting and wipe clean. There's one simple move which is fully explained in the instructions - and if you perform Ian Adair's 'Monkey Nuts' (on which this is based) you already do it!

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