Ultimate Homing Card - Christmas Cards

Tommy James


Ultimate Homing Card - Christmas Cards

"What? A MOUSE? What are YOU doing in this magic trick Mr. Mouse? Haven't you heard the story. . . Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse? Get into time-out!"

These cards are manufactured to go along with the props in the Ultimate Homing Card routine (Purchased separately.)

1) Choose a volunteer.

2) Display a box and show it is empty.

3) Have the child hold the box.

4) Display Christmas pictures.

"The first picture is someone in a red suit with a white beard. Thats right! Santa! And Santa drives a BIG truck right boys and girls? No? What does he drive? Thats right! A Sleigh. Pulled by nine doggies. Huh? Reindeer? Thats right, and theres one very special reindeer and his name is Douglas. What? Oh yes of course . . . Rudolph!

Santa comes down the chimney and brings us . . . presents. And he puts them under the. . . Christmas tree. And what do we leave for Santa to eat and drink? Thats right! Milk and cookies."

5) Child tries to choose a picture but it is the mouse. It has escaped from time-out! 

6) The mouse escapes two more times! The kids go wild!

7) The child finally chooses a picture. It is Santa.

8)Turn around to get the magic portal picture frame and the kids see the mouse hanging on your back! Remove the mouse and place it into time-out again.

9)Place Santa into the portal picture frame and cover him. Kids say the magic words and lift the cloth away and Santa is gone! But the kids see you holding him under the cloth. But, its not Santa! Its the MOUSE again for the 6th time!

10) The volunteer opens the box and their chose card has appeared inside the box that they have been holding the entire time.

11) Child sits down and you turn to put everything away and the mouse is hanging on your back again for the seventh and final time. 

This routine is total pandemonium! Nine full minutes of suspense, comedy and MAGIC! 

Includes all the cards needed to perform the routine and a gimmick to attach the cards to your back. 

You will receive the cards only. You must own the Ultimate Homing Card routine with all the props to make this routine work. 

This is pure gold for your Christmas shows!

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