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Jumpossible - Jozo Bozo

Jumpossible is a version of an old effect by Len Belcher called Rabbit Hop!

A child is given an empty envelope and told to stand at one side of the stage. A colourful picture card of a Unicorn (or Santa, or an Alien etc depending on which version of the effect you have) is placed into another envelope and give to a second child to hold. The trick is simple, the card will jump from the envelope at one side, and reappear in the other empty envelope.

Wands are waved, and magic spells are shouted, but the Unicorn hasn't budged! Eventually the card is removed from the envelope to reveal a cut out in the shape of the missing Unicorn! Has it jumped to the other side of the stage? Your helper checks their envelope, but it's EMPTY!! Eventually all is well, as the unicorn appears on the helper's back instead.

Comes complete with cards, gimmicked envelopes, and full routine!

Cards are made in plastic to last a lifetime and the print quality is superb!

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