Practical Magic UK


Beautiful artwork and the cutest little dog you can imagine!
You display an 18” silk which shows a picture of a kennel. Ask the children: who lives here? You can get them to bark as well!
Reaching into the doorway of the kennel, you produce a 9” silk showing the little dog. Where was he hiding?!
Let’s see if we can make him vanish again! And so you do! In fact, the little dog is always appearing and disappearing!
For a finale, you can make the little dog appear anywhere you want as we provide you with 2 of the little dog silks, so you can hide one in a prop, or behind some furniture in the room you’re working.
In the video demonstration, we make use of a Pop Away Wand. This does not come with the silk set, but can be purchased separately.

Comes with 2 x 9" Dog silks and 1 x 18" Kennel (Dog House) Silk. Supply your own thumb tip

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