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Dracaphobia - Tommy James

Introduce Dracula and his castle. Explain that Drac has a phobia . . .  a fear a spiders! 

Display a small black box. Tell the kids there is a spider inside and after you tell a tale about Dracula they are to remind you to open the box and take the spider out to prove YOU are not afraid of spiders. 

Explain that when Dracula saw a spider he would run and hide. He got so good at hiding that nobody could ever find him. But he would always magically appear inside his castle!

Invite the children to play a game of hide & seek with Dracula. Try as they may, nobody can find him. Eventually Dracula vanishes into thin air. With some help from the kids Dracula MAGICALLY and visually appears inside his castle window. The kids go crazy!

The kids will remind you of the spider in the box. You hesitantly open the box and bring out the spider attached to a long string. "He's trying to spin a web!" You mention that all the kids at the last party started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and the spider crawled up the string and touched your fingers. "So whatever you do, DO NOT sing Itsy Bitsy Spider!" Of course the kids start singing the song and the spider crawls up the string and touches your fingers! You toss the spider back into the box and put it away. The kids think the routine is over but then they see a spider attached to your fingers! Total pandemonium! See the video performed in front of a live audience to witness how entertaining this entire routine is for kids!

The cards measure 8" X 10" and are made from very durable board and laminated for protection. Dracula's castle is made from PVC and will last a lifetime. Complete with gimmicked spider box and two gimmiked spiders along with instructions and full routine with all the gags and bits-of-business. 

A wonderful, hilarious, entertaining routine you can perform any time of year in your kid and family shows!

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